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Gavrilo Princip Soccer Club Akron Ohio

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   Gavrilo Princip Soccer Club was founded in the spring of 1998 by the soccer enthusiasts at the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio Gavrilo Princip's structure for over 20 years was guided by its Statute, which was adopted in 1998. Membership elections are held every year to select leadership and plan the future of the club. First President of the Club was Goran Debelnogich, who for the first seven years, with the help of others, spearheaded theefforts to establish solid ground for the future of the club. Two soccer fields were built and large club inventory and storage were established, along with the club's documentation and the archives. Many Serbs of all generations who were forced from their homes in Croatia and Bosnia were welcomed and invited to
join and play for the Club. Club has helped many Serbian families and especially young people, to successfully transition their lives and has become a social and sporting force and unifier of the Serbian community in the wider Akron and Northeast Ohio area. In 2012. a third soccer field was built to accommodate the largest event hosted by the club - Serbian North American Soccer Tournament - Srbijada 2013 which was
one of the most successful Serbian tournaments in North
America ever.

   Club's first major competition was the traditional "Memorial Day Tournament" in Cleveland in 1998. Club and its teams have participated in many Serbian and other soccer tournaments and
many Srbijada Tournaments since founding. Every year, during the Serbian Festival in Akron, organized by its mother church, Gavrilo Princip organizes its own tournament.

   In the fall of 1998, Gavrilo Princip entered competition in the Second division of Lake Erie Soccer League, an associated member of the U.S. Soccer Federation and FIFA. Thanks to excellent results in the first season, Gavrilo Princip was promoted into Leagues' First Division and has remained there for many years. On several occasions in the first 10 years of the club, Gavrilo Princip has had also a second team playing in the Second Division.

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